Audio Dramas:

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Patrick contributed scripts for two episodes of Colonial Radio Theatre’s Vincent Price Presents, adapting the Bluewater Productions horror/suspense comic book series. They are available on Colonial’s Vincent Price Presents Volume 2, along with episodes by Matthew J. Elliott and Jack Ward.

Stage Plays:

A staged reading of Patrick’s short play “The Lookout”, presented at Lesley University, Cambridge, MA, June 29th, 2012. Grant MacDermott (l) as Foster, Rick Park (r) as Bell, direction by Becky Webber. Video credit: Robert Rogers.

A still from a staged reading of Patrick’s short play “Jugger”, presented as part of the Interim Writers’ “Have You Read?” Series at the Democracy Center, Cambridge, MA, December 6th, 2011. Jeremy Browne (l) as Pipe, Doug Cochrane (r) as Geary. Photo credit: Rachel Kurnos Photography.

A still from a production of Patrick’s short play “Do Not Disturb” by the Salem Theatre Company in Salem, MA, July 13-17th, 2011. Libby Schap (l) as Darlene, Stephen Cooper (r) as Roland, direction by Gary LaParl. Photo credit: Salem Theatre Company.


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